“In 2010 having moved home our youngest son Charlie, then five years old, was struggling badly at his new school. He was the youngest and smallest in the class of over thirty children and the teacher simply did not have the time available to help him keep up. As a result his academic performance actually declined instead of improving. During that Summer holiday, we decided he needed more help and so the family began looking at prep schools in the area that we felt could help him. Neither my wife nor myself had any experience with the private sector in education and so we did not know quite what to expect.

We decided on St Pierre as we were impressed by not only the friendly, family atmosphere and academic rigour, but the obvious commitment of all the teachers to their students and the attention they were able to give to them thanks to the small class sizes. We were also very impressed not only by the academic performance of the students but also their politeness and behaviour when we attended the school. After just one term we were thrilled by how quickly Charlie had improved and to this day I have absolutely no doubt that without the move to St Pierre this could not have happened. The school gave Charlie the space and time he needed to catch up with his peers. So began our ten year relationship with the school!

We had three other children as well as Charlie, one boy just a year older and two younger sisters. We had been so impressed by the school that we took the big step of sending all the children to the school, with the girls in the nursery initially. This wasn’t an easy decision financially but it’s one we have never regretted. Over the years we have seen the school is not just a Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm operation but one that has offered after school help, clubs and tuition as well as weekend school trips and sporting opportunities.

Over the years all of our children have made wonderful progress at St Pierre and it’s become part of our family. The staff have always been incredible and now mean so much to our children who also have made long lasting friendships. Not only have we seen excellent academic progress and social development but we have always been reassured knowing our children were in such a safe and caring environment. Thanks to the school all four of the children have been able to successfully pass their 11 plus exams and join local grammar schools. When I think back to our youngest son’s first day at the school, this would have been unthinkable.

So it’s with some sadness that our youngest daughter finishes her final year and will be leaving the school, but I have no doubt I will keep in touch with many of the staff and families of other students from the school.”

“Saint Pierre is a truly amazingly school that has taught all my three children with individual approaches to their learning. The school is like home from home, with a kind caring environment, good values of respect and manners, and supporting children as individuals. My children have seen their own confidence and self-belief excel alongside their academic ability. The extra-curricular clubs, trips and events truly enrich the children’s experiences. All of my children were very sad to leave the school in year six.

My children have received an outstanding education tailored to their needs and all three have achieved great success securing places at the local Grammar Schools. Thank you Saint Pierre.

I visited this lovely school to talk to the children about creative writing and being an author, I found it to be one of the nicest schools that I have visited yet, fantastic children and dedicated staff.
The children were stand out for their wonderful manners and enquiring minds.
The lunch was pretty great as well.

Amazing school, Amelie started Nursery in September and is developing very quickly. When she came home telling me what the 7 continents are I was so proud. From the quality of the teachers, the lunches to the wide range of activities I could not recommend highly enough.

My daughter Pacha loved being at this school the staff were very helpful and knew every child. The whole school is like one big family, we miss the caring ethos of this school.”

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