As the children say goodbye to the Early Years department they are welcomed into the care of the upper part of the school. Here, the children transition to a timetabled routine however there is still plenty of emphasis on engaging and practical learning. The children have opportunities to explore and learn with their specialist subject teachers, another progression from the Early Years department. Children receive exciting, inspiring lessons from these specialist subject teachers in ICT, PE, French or Spanish, Drama, Music and Art.

As started in the Early Years department, the upper part of the school continues to encourage and support each child to give their very best in all that they do. We provide the children with the confidence and knowledge to be in charge of their own learning by developing the use of self-assessment strategies. Our children are able to take responsibility for their learning through discussion with their teachers and parents about where they need to go next.

What Makes Us Different

One unique emphasis we have is that of metacognition (which is the process of teaching children the skills of HOW to learn alongside what to learn). This subject is enabled by our small classes and means children are taught to recognise their best learning strategies (which will be different from child to child) and how to both approach problem solving and to be self-analytical of their efforts.

Our children enjoy their time here and know that their opinions matter. We have an effective School Council which provides a platform for pupil voices to be heard, allowing them to be involved in all aspects of the running of their school. We treat each and every child with respect and maturity which is why it is so warmly and naturally returned.

All of our children become very confident speakers, thinkers and learners here at Saint Pierre. A range of activities and opportunities are put into place to develop and encourage this confidence through public speaking competitions, class assemblies and major drama productions twice a year. The children know that they have the support of their fellow pupils, staff and parents and so participate willingly and wholeheartedly.

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