At Saint Pierre we fully believe in the power of positive reinforcement. Each Friday morning we hold a very special Celebration Assembly.

During this time teachers identify children from each class (nursery to year 6) to receive Achievement Certificates covering all areas such as:

  • Outstanding academic performance.
  • Outstanding academic effort
  • Outstanding academic improvement
  • Outstanding presentation
  • Exceptional act of kindness
  • Exceptional act of politeness
  • Exceptional act of helpfulness
  • Exceptional behaviour
  • Reader of the week
  • Friend of the week
  • Most house points

Certificates convert into badges using the following criteria:

  • 8 Certificates = Bronze Badge
  • 16 Certificates = Silver Badge
  • 24 Certificates = Gold Badge

We also give out a Headmaster’s Award for particularly exceptional instances.

Our annual prizegiving awards pupils in all subject areas for both effort and achievement, 100% attendance and performance in Arts, Music and Sports.

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