Drama gives a great opportunity for our pupils to be creative in an enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere. Our inspiring Drama lessons allow our pupils to thrive practically and artistically whilst engaging with their fascinating imaginations. The practical lesson also enables our pupils to develop their; communication skills, their ability to speak publicly, work collaboratively and increase or even find their confidence. Drama often reinforces our schools curriculum by bringing the theory of other subjects to life in short Drama performances. 

In addition to our Drama lessons, Saint Pierre School presents unforgettable musical productions, both at Christmas time with our lower school – KS1 production and our KS2 Spring production. The commitment and determination from staff and pupils involved in the productions is truly breathtaking. We have staged musicals including; Grease, We Will Rock You, The Lion King, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and so many more. It’s a magical moment when our pupils take their final bow on stage for their hard work and each production leaves the audience astounded with our pupils talents.

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