The Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is an accredited award programme for young people.

JASS gives children the opportunity to develop character traits, skills and knowledge that are so important to everyday life, personal development, and ambition. These are achieved through participation, experience and self-reflection.

JASS learning is fun, meaningful and personalised. Pupils have a variety of opportunities to harness skills independently, in partnerships, and as part of a team. Community projects enable pupils to develop communication skills and confidence in their own voice and ideas.

JASS develops the whole individual by offering recognition in four key areas.

This award encourages pupils to try new physical activities, and to refine skills in physical activities that they already engage in, outside of school. Learning about healthy life choices are an important part of this award and a variety of tasks lead pupils to establish a consistent approach to exercise. Keeping a record of physical activities and extra-curricular participation through diary type entries and a photographic journal form an important part of achieving this award.

Working for the good of community and environment. This can involve fundraising projects to support local and international charities. Pupils will learn about the importance of being charitable and how to conduct effective research.

This is an area where students will focus on a personal interest, developing an interest or learning a new skill. This could range from a hobby, ambition or personal goal.

This involves completing an outdoor challenge or activity. Pupils will learn to problem solve, practice resilience, determination and perseverance.

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