Any school is primarily defined by the quality of its staff and Saint Pierre is no exception. Our experienced and talented staff are the very core of the school. All our staff are committed to the highest professional standards, and have a real belief in the power of this unique school.

Leadership Team

Mr. Kurt Davies

Proprietor (1992-) PE & Sports Teacher
“A place where children are enthused daily giving them the freedom to thrive, whilst building the hunger to learn more, not just for now but for life.”

Mr. Peter Spencer-Lane

Headmaster (2019-) M.Ed. BSc. Cert Ed.
“Everything you need to know about this unique school can be seen in the smiles of the boys and girls as they arrive in the morning. Many schools say they are a family school but here we mean it; our pupils are proud to be academically focused, kind and polite.”

Miss Poppy Smith

Deputy Head & Year 4 Teacher (2019-) BSc Psychology, PGCE with Billericay SCITT
“All the pupils and staff have been so friendly and welcoming to me since I have joined as a new member of staff. The children are incredibly respectful and it is nice to see them so motivated with their learning. I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to my future as a teacher at Saint Pierre.”

Miss Gemma Hoffman

Assistant Head & Head of Early Years (2013-) Lvl 3 Childcare
“In order to enhance our children’s creativity and enthusiasm towards learning, the children within Early Years are provided with a wide range of topic themed activities, which are delivered by a dedicated and passionate team. It has been a pleasure to be a part of scaffolding and moulding the minds of such eager children.“

Academic staff

Mrs. Charlotte Tipper

Reception Teacher & SENCO (2008-) EY & Childcare Degree with EY Professional Status, SEN dip support
"To engage the minds and hearts of my children, day-to-day, is a pleasure. The freedom to provide amazing learning experiences is greatly enhanced by our small class sizes at Saint Pierre."

Miss Emma Andrews

Year 2 Teacher (2018-)
"I love how our students bring so much energy and enthusiasm to their French lessons. The small class sizes allow us to have lots of fun and to acquire a good grasp of the language."

Mrs. Bridget Campion

SENCO Specialist (2011-)
“I like working at Saint Pierre as you know every child, from nursery to year 6. The staff are all dedicated to children's learning and making them feel safe/part of a family.”

Miss Amber Cole

Year 1 and Drama Teacher (2016-)
"Each day, the pupils at Saint Pierre fill me with pride and joy through their talents and determination to learn. I can't imagine working anywhere else due the family atmosphere found here at Saint Pierre School."

Miss Abi Corbett

TA (2003-) Cert. LS Level 2
“I have been at the school many years and love every minute of my time here. The children are simply amazing and I am proud of each and every one of them.”

Miss Laura Frith

Reception KS1/2 TA (2005-) NVQ Lvl 3 EY
"Observing my children’s excitement for knowledge through play and discovery in this small, family environment is an incomparable privilege."

Mrs. Jadie Oberholzer

Director of Enrichment and Events, Art & JASS Teacher (2017 -) M.A. Hons, FDip Art, TLC
“It is a privilege to teach at Saint Pierre, in a school community that prioritises personalised teaching and learning opportunities. All children are taught in a nurturing and exciting environment that promotes originality, personal progress and curiosity. What is most encouraging as a teacher at Saint Pierre, and as a parent of a child attending the school, is the significance adhered towards socialisation, understanding the world, positive relationships, responsibility and individual talents. There is a strong and nurturing community at Saint Pierre, one that values tradition, charity and integrity.”

Mrs. Jill Wilson

Year 5/6 Teacher (2019-) B.Ed. Hons
"Saint Pierre is a wonderfully welcoming and friendly school. Our small classes ensure that all children are encouraged to develop both socially and academically to the best of their ability. The ethos of the school shines through as you enter the school and are welcomed by staff and pupils alike; an inspiring place to teach and learn."

Mrs. Susan Thompson

Learning Support (2011-) NVQ Level 3 Childcare
“I would say that I love the family feel of Saint Pierre and how the children grow in confidence as well as academically.”

Miss Grace Partner

Head of Nursery
"The family atmosphere at Saint Pierre is such a wonderful thing to be a part of. It is lovely to see the children here thrive from such an enriched provision and enhanced additional curriculum."

Mrs Lauren Ijad

BA (Hons) Dance Studies, Performance and History, PGCE with Billericay SCITT (2022-)
"It is such an honour to teach at Saint Pierre School. The children are so enthusiastic about learning which makes my job of teaching them so delightful. Each day, I am left feeling positive and proud of all the children here. I am so excited for my future as a teacher at Saint Pierre."

Miss Molly Christian

Year 2 Teacher, Music Teacher
"Teaching at Saint Pierre is a privilege, there is a family atmosphere throughout the school. The children’s school experience is enhanced by the small class sizes, creating a unique learning environment. "

Miss Samantha Ingram

Year 3 Teacher
"I joined Saint Pierre as a teacher in September 2020 and immediately felt the wonderful 'family' atmosphere of the school. The staff were welcoming and supportive and the children delightful, happy and passionate about their learning. Being a teacher here is a unique and satisfying experience and I have also benefited from observing excellent teaching and leadership across the school. Saint Pierre, you are a gem!"

Mrs. Julie Aldridge

Nursery Practitioner
"Working in the Nursery at St Pierre is truly amazing. It is a privilege to be part of the children’s learning journey, and to be part of the St Pierre family."

Miss Charlene Hannaway

Nursery Practitioner (2021-)
"To be able to contribute to the children’s learning journey is a real privilege. Watching each child grow more able and confident brings such joy. I am proud to be part of the Saint Pierre family."

Miss Rebecca Sweeney

Nursery Practitioner Level 3 Childcare (2022-)

Mr. Marc Holland

PE Teacher, Head of IT (2021-)
“The students at Saint Pierre give 110% in every task in physical education. Since I’ve been at the school I’m captivated at the atmosphere that is created by pupils.”

Madame Lydiane Hinton

French Teacher (2021-)
"It is lovely seeing the children eagerness and enthusiasm to learn French at St Pierre School. The small classes allow to provide great learning experiences for the children to practise the language with fun and engaging activities."

Non-Academic Staff

Ms Jan Horsnell

Office Manager (2017-) B.Ed. Hons

Miss Tilly Davies

Headmasters PA (2021-)

Mike Ainscough

Chef (2004-) MA Delicious Meals

Mrs Julie Rowson

Kitchen Assistant (2015-)

Mokhtar El Harrack

Minibus Driver (2017-)

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