At Saint Pierre, all students are taught French. Language lessons follow a varied curriculum that lay the foundations for students to develop into skilled linguists as they begin to recognise the patterns within the language. Lessons are taught in an exciting and engaging manner, with an emphasis on oracy and literacy through activities that incorporate drama, role-play, story-telling and listening. A love and understanding of the culture from which these languages are born is cultivated within our students, which inspires and motivates them to learn more about the wider world.

Our Aim

We aim to inspire every child to continue their passion for languages well beyond their time with us at Saint Pierre and are also convinced as to the numerous benefits the process of language learning offers for learning any new skill, and the confidence this gives to our competent and self-reflective learners. Our students show an enthusiasm and openness to the subject that allows them to achieve and to enjoy the process of their language-learning, as they develop into keen and competent polyglots.

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